Our Team

Headquartered in Northern New Jersey since 1992 with additional offices in Dallas, Chicago, Michigan, South Carolina and Florida, the BMG team represents multiple years of expertise in the hotel business as Owners, Planners, Customers, and Managers for both hotels and tour companies.

As active members of ABA, NTA, and SYTA, we stay current on all industry trends and changes and share this knowledge with you so you can make the best decision for your group. We will promptly supply you with the most current information about hotels that best suit your specific needs. Our vast network of partner hotels enables us to review room rate history to insure you are getting the best value for your group rooms. Once contracted, you will have full contact with hotel to insure all of the details are executed to your specification.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our team (click on a name to email):

Paul DeMarco
West Caldwell, NJ
(973) 287-1684 (office)
(201) 978-1251 (mobile)
Ellen Lurz
Siesta Key, FL
(201) 755-6508 (mobile)
Genie Stevenson
Director of National Accounts
Chicago, IL
(630) 842-9529 (office/mobile)
Melissa McCarthy
Director of National Accounts
Manasquan, NJ
(973) 454-7777 (mobile)
Andrea Casperson
Director of National Accounts
Dallas, TX
(972) 539-1145 (office)
(972) 827-5718 (mobile)
Danny Odell
Vice President of Sales and Partnerships
Manorville, NY
(631) 801-2852 (office)
(917) 533-2464 (mobile)
Wendy Korn Lagstein
Director of Sales & Client Relationships
Myrtle Beach, SC
(201) 264-7914 (mobile)
Crystal Berens
Director of National Accounts
Detroit, MI
(734) 751-4993 (mobile)
Beth Saladino
Director of National Accounts
West Caldwell, NJ
(973) 220-0508 (mobile)
Evelyn Baig
Director of National Accounts
West Caldwell, NJ
(910) 372-1722 (mobile)
Margaret Smith
Director of Accounts
West Caldwell, NJ
(973) 287-1687 (office)
Yvonne Grimme
Director of Operations
Boise, ID
Shannon Gaul
Director of Accounts
West Caldwell, NJ
(973) 287-1683 (office)
Ninffer Navarro
Sales Coordinator
West Caldwell, NJ
(973) 380-9931 (mobile)
Kimberly Kellogg
Sales Coordinator
Detroit, MI
(313) 595-0792 (mobile)
Jennifer Melhado
West Caldwell, NJ
(973) 953-7090 (office)
Katerina Grimes
Accounts Receivable Manager
West Caldwell, NJ
(973) 808-7722 ext 158 (office)
Kathleen Saggio
Sales Coordinator
West Caldwell, NJ
(201) 446-1248 (mobile)
Gina Abernathy
Account Manager
Atlanta, GA
(615) 594-7847 (mobile)
Christine Keenan
Sales Coordinator
West Caldwell, NJ
(732) 319-8988
Yra Mangone
Sales Coordinator
Nashville, TN
(629) 255-5719 (mobile)
Danielle Bates
Accounts Receivable Clerk
Hemet, CA (Pacific Time)
(973) 561-7455 (mobile)